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Petite crystal wine glass - Set of 6

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Luxury In A Small Glass

Enjoy our elegantly proportioned crystal wine glass set of 4, contemporary in style, loved by sommeliers, delivered to your door step. These universal wine glasses are perfect for white wines, red wines, cocktails and more.

  • Crystal clear clarity
  • Lead and cadmium free
  • Thin lip for optimum drinking experience
  • Generous capacity bowl releases wines natural aroma
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Lifetime of use
  • No breakage delivery guarantee

        For all occasions
        Our unique brand of glassware is designed for mindful drinking no matter the occasion, with our market first standard drink pour system:
        • Impress your guests at your next dinner party whilst being a responsible host
        • Enjoy a relaxing glass at home and know when you are safe to drive again
        • Pour a night cap and be confident you will be clear headed the next day
        • A thoughtful gift for the wine lovers in your life
        You can relax in the company of our drinkware. With a standard drink in every glass, we take the thinking out of drinking.

        Standard Drink Pour System

        A standard drink in every glass
        Our multi-plimsoll line standard drink pour system is integrated elegantly into our logo design, subtly applied onto the glass for a lifetime of use:
        1. common serving size 150mL
        2. standard drink at 10% alcohol (white wine)
        3. standard drink at 13% alcohol (red wine)
        4. standard drink at 18% alcohol (dessert wine)
        5. standard drink at 40% alcohol (one shot)
        Not what you are looking for?

        After a single pour line glass? See our related products. Keep in mind that glasses with the single pour line can often be 1.5 to 2 standard drinks.



        Technical Detail

        Total volume 360mL (12oz)
        Total height 226mm
        Diameter widest point 76mm
        Diameter base 80mm
        Rim <1mm tapered
        Stem diameter 6mm
        Weight 160-170g, luxury feel but not overly heavy

        For 10g standard drink / unit of alcohol

        Suitable for Australia, New Zealand, France, Ireland, Spain, Singapore and many others.

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