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Our Smart Pour Drinkware

Easy Portion Control

Raise awareness of what one standard drink looks like as glass sizes have tripled in size in the last 50 years.


Keep within healthy drinking guidelines of 4 std drink on any occasion and 10 std drinks per week.

Inspire A Mindful Generation

Shift the culture when entertaining at home. Educate the young adults in you life.

Australian Owned

Family run business. Our signature pour system uses the Australian definition of a standard drink.


I'm currently breastfeeding but I do love my wine, and my husband and I always argue what a standard drink is. I knew I had to jump on these

I'm excited to receive your glasses. Your product with the measure was exactly what I wanted. THEN I read your profits go to Beyond Blue and Lifeline. More plusses! 
Fiona S, NSW

I wanted to reliably measure my alcohol intake. On one hand medical experts are advising limiting your alcohol intake but available wine glass sizes are enormous 450/500ml.
Glen, VIC

I couldn't find 100ml standard drink wine glasses on the web but I could find restaurant glasses with "standard" 150ml markers. I stumbled onto your product from there.
Glen, VIC

As a first nations man, I'm joining the pour line glassware movement to change the heavy drinking culture in Australia ...I'm doing my part to ensure visitors to our house are educated.
Zane, VIC

I have the same problem...not knowing how much we were drinking over a meal. Your glasses are simple and elegant and Australian. Cheers.
Nigel, NSW

Struggling with histamine intolerance but still want to drink wine! Very excited to receive this gorgeous glasses for pouring a unit of alcohol.
SB Jenson, NZ - Wine Rep

I have daughter who just turned 18 and being a mature intelligent woman she is reading labels related to alcohol content. Your product is a good way to better understand drink measurements.
Katrina R, QLD

Through covid I have noticed I may have over indulged and the kilos piled on. Your glasses will help with portion control. Also I love good looking glasses and I love crystal.
Natalie, VIC