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(NQR) Wine Saver Stopper by Repour - Keep Wine Fresh (NQR)



The NQR edition of this wine saver >> CLICK HERE

The box packaging is slightly torn but perfectly functional and more importantly will still keep your wine for months!


This smart, innovative wine saver is clinically proven to remove the harmful oxygen from your wine, keeping it fresher for days, weeks, months. We say cheers to that, again and again and again!

No need to spend $200+ on complex electronic gadgets. This simple to use stopper means you can enjoy just a glass or two, without worrying about wasting good wine. You can now have several bottles on the go.


  • The Repour stopper is the easiest, most effective wine preserver there is. Invented and developed by Chemist and Founder Tom Lutz, Repour is the first of its kind to actively and continuously preserve original aroma and taste by eliminating ALL of the oxygen from your wine. No oxygen means your wine doesn’t degrade.

    Instead of throwing out a bottle of wine that has gone bad, or messing with complex and ineffective vacuums, pumps, cartridges, batteries, and other contraptions, simply insert the Repour wine stopper in place of the bottle’s original cork, and preserve the wine for the life of the opened bottle. Your favourite wine, simply saved and perfectly preserved. Enjoy every glass.


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