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So you are probably reading this because you are wondering whether offering standard drink serving sizes is practical and economical for your business? 

Let's address practicalities first

Pouring standard drink serves is made easy with The Standard Drink Company drinkware. We supply a range of glasses which would suit your business needs. 


The option of a standard drink serve size is a real value add to your customers

You can start easily by offering this for your house red and white. Customers are willing to pay for this value add. However it’s important to note:

  • If you typically serve around 150ml for a glass of wine, switching to a standard drink serve for:
    • a heavier alcohol (eg 13-14%) will appear noticeably smaller in volume. You my consider reducing the cost for a glass or serve two standard drinks as an up-sell.
    • a light alcohol (9-10%), the volume is not noticeably smaller. You may consider maintaining your pricing in those instances.
  • If your typical serving size is 100ml for a glass of wine, the reverse is true:
    • For heavier alcohols maintain the same price.
    • For lighter alcohols, you may wish to increase the price for a standard drink serve.

Real Life Example

Restaurant X is offering standard drink serves for their house red (Pinot 14%) and house white (Chardonnay 11%). Before the change, their typical serve is 150ml at $8 and $7 respectively.

After the menu update:

  • House red is charged at $7 for a standard drink serve and you get 8.2 glasses in a 750mL bottle of wine. This means the restaurant makes an additional $17 per 750mL bottle of wine.**
  • House white is charged at $6 for a standard drink service size and you get 6.5 glasses in a 750mL bottle of wine. This means the restaurant makes an additional $4 per 750mL bottle of wine.

**Even if the restaurant were to charge $6 a standard drink of pinot at 14%, the restaurant would still make $9 more per 750mL bottle of wine. Alternatively, sell two standard drinks for $12 as an up-sell, which is quite attractive when compared to a $8 for a typical serve glass.


The Result

This is a win win for both the customer and the restaurant. The customer who wants to order by the standard drink, is now very clear how much they consumed. For the restaurant or bar, the price of a glass can also be more profitable.

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