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We use it every night with dinner and I’ve lost 5kg!

“I couldn’t believe I was that far off a standard drink”

“Different lines for different alcohol volumes is GENIUS”

"These glasses were an absolute hit at my last party!"

Exclusive to us

World-first pour lines by alcohol content using precision manufacturing takes the guess work out of a standard pour. Only available here.

Stay under limit

Helping the 80% of people who cannot pour a standard drink. Compatible with Apps for tracking blood alcohol level and safe breastfeeding time.

You’re In Control

Supporting your health and weight goals. Enjoy the right amount for you and your lifestyle. You can take charge and drink on your terms with smart portion control.

Timeless Crystal

Pour system is stylish and discreet. Loved by thousands of party goers. No fleeting tableware trends here. Classic designs ensure your investment withstands the test of time. 

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