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To mainstream standard drink serving sizes



Hi, I’m Jessica, Co- Founder of The Standard Drink Company™. 

I am a self-confessed food and wine lover.

I've traveled the world tasting the finest wines and cuisines at the very source. My husband and I studied with a renowned chef in Sorrento Italy, the home of the Napoli style pizza. We brought this amazing century old recipe back and opened an Italian restaurant, paired of course with gourmet wines and boutique beers.

But a few years ago, I made the life changing discovery of my food intolerance to wheat/gluten and amines, which explained lifelong skin sensitivities, migraines and sudden fatigue. 

Now days I’m very careful with what I eat and drink to avoid triggering these symptoms. Wine and alcohol in particular.

It wasn’t until a night of indulgence, where my husband and I were debating who was safe to drive still, that the idea of simple pour drinkware crystalised in my mind.  

That’s how The Standard Drink Company™ was born.

It turns out pouring a standard drink is not straight forward. Studies show 80% of people misjudge a standard drink. 

No wonder, when wine glasses have tripled in size in the last 50 years.


"My goal was to create a luxury drinkware range that I would be proud to show off and offers a simple and practical solution to a common problem - how much did I really have to drink?"


It was a 2 year journey to bring this product to market, creating our stylish signature pour system that forms part of our logo and sourcing amazing crystal and Tritan drinkware (no novelty glasses here, that end up at the bottom of the draw or worse shattered in the dishwasher).

We have reinvented drinkware for the savvy entertainer and conscious consumer. Making celebration easy and safe, so everyone can enjoy themselves more.

Co Founder, Marketing and Product Development

Merlot, Espresso Martini, Vodka Soda Lime

Jessica Yeung

Co-Founder, Operations and Wholesale

IPAs, Glenfiddich, Pinot

David Lauckner

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