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To mainstream standard drink serving sizes



Hi, I’m Jessica, Co- Founders of The Standard Drink Company™. 

I am a self-confessed food and wine lover. For a decade I found myself tasting the world’s finest wines and cuisines at the very source, and travelling was seemingly just a byproduct. I use to joke, I'm happy to sleep in the cheapest motels if it means I can dine in wonderful places. Some memorable moments include South Africa’s Stellenbosch wine region where I discovered my love for Merlot.  

Then there was studying with a renowned chef in Sorrento Italy, the home of the Napoli style pizza. My husband and I brought this amazing century old recipe back and opened a traditional brick oven pizza restaurant, paired of course with gourmet wines and boutique beers... and the rest they say is history.  

Not quite.  

In 2015, I made the life changing discovery of my food intolerance to wheat/gluten and amines, which explained lifelong skin sensitivities, migraines and sudden fatigue. It explained so many things and why my symptoms flared to unbearable levels a year after opening the restaurant (think about all that wheat-y pizza dough) 

Now days I’m very careful with what I eat and drink to avoid triggering these symptoms. Wine in particular because effects are cumulative over days before symptoms may flare up.  

It wasn’t until a night of indulgence, where my husband and I were debating who was safe to drive still, that the idea of simple pour drinkware crystalised in my mind.  

"Why isn’t there an easier to know exactly how much I consumed?  Why do we have to wonder if we are still safe to drive?"
That’s exactly why I started The Standard Drink Company.™  

It turns out pouring a standard drink is not straight forward. Glassware come in all different varietal shapes and sizes, and alcohol come in a wide range of strengths. Studies show 80% of people cannot pour a standard drink. So I’m not alone. 

My goal was to create a luxury drinkware range that I would be proud to show off and offers a simple and practical solution to a common problem - how much did I really have to drink? 
My friends and family can now enjoy a wonderful evening at my place and are not have to “guess” whether they are safe to drive home. 
It has come in handy in more ways than one. When we welcomed our first child into this world, it gave me relief to know I could easily follow the guideline of 1 standard drink and wait 2 hours before breastfeeding.  

And as life got hectic, wind down time became even more sacred in the evenings. Accidental over indulgence is rarely an option now with a little human dependent on me. It’s surprising how an almost imperceptible marking on a glass can give me greater awareness and intention when I drink.  

I have no morning after regrets. No flare ups. Always at the top of my game mentally and physically. Confident and secure in the knowledge I am safe on the road and my family are also. 

I truly believe every household need a set, because if you are like me, and the wellbeing of your family and friends come first, there is no smarter way to celebrate than with The Standard Drink Company glasses. 

Wellbeing = Wellness, Health, Strength, Success, Pride, Happiness, Satisfaction, Connection, Love, Safety, Security 

There is no price I wouldn't pay for wellbeing. So wishing you the very best in wellbeing. 



It was a 2 year journey to bring this product to market. The first light bulb moment we had was to design a logo which could discreetly and stylishly integrate our multiple standard drink pouring lines (because who wants their guests drinking with glasses that look like measuring cup!?)  

We wanted classic pieces with sturdy construct that stands the test of time. No fast tableware trends that you will use for one season and ends up in the bottom of the draw or worse shattering in the dishwasher.

Crystal was a non negotiable when we started this journey. If you know anything about the difference between crystal versus glass (if not, we have a blog post) there is no substitute.  

Hand blown crystal turned out to be too variable in quality. We needed precision manufacturing with the highest grade crystal achieved through strict quality control to eliminate imperfections (unlike what you find in big retailers). 
Little did we know though that crystal melts at lower temperature and most methods of applying artwork on glass surface required high temperature to be dishwasher safe. Etching also proved challenging on fine crystal. Unlike getting glassware personalised with your initials, our standard drink pour system has very fine detail and precise positioning requirements. We had boxes of broken failed prototypes before we finally found a high quality laser machine that could create the elegant finish we required. 

Why am I sharing this? These are not novelty glasses with pour lines. These are glasses you invest once for a lifetime of use.

We hope you love them as much as we do.

Co Founder, Marketing and Product Development

Merlot, Espresso Martini, Vodka Soda Lime

Jessica Yeung

Co-Founder, Operations and Wholesale

IPAs, Glenfiddich, Pinot

David Lauckner

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