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To mainstream standard drink serving sizes



The Standard Drink Company™ is a simple idea, stunningly crafted, taking the thinking out of drinking. Melbourne is a city of beautiful dining, memorable entertainment and good wine so it was the perfect home for an innovative world-first in dining experiences to be launched. 

Entrepreneurs Jessica and David have brought a leading product to the hospitality industry and into the homes of people across Australia. A product they hand designed to revolutionise the way we serve drinks. 


Innovation meets need with The Standard Drink Company™ glassware and it was all thanks to a memorable night out to dinner that Jessica and David will never forget. During dinner Jessica was struck by the uncertainty in how much wine she was being served as opposed to her husband who had ordered a beer in a bottle. A bottle label that told him exactly how many standard drinks were in his serving. Jessica found her evening out marred by the fact that she could not be sure how many standard drinks she had had, simply because she had chosen to have wine with dinner. 

“I instantly thought, wouldn’t it be great to be able to order a standard drink size for wine. It just all evolved from that moment!” It was obvious there was a massive hole in the market and after a long and careful process from idea to perfected product, The Standard Drink Company™ product range was born. 


Along with previously owning a successful restaurant giving them insider experience and knowledge in the industry, Jessica is an engineer and David has worked in hospitality for many years. They could see how this product would be beneficial on a lot of levels to a lot of people. 

“From this journey we realised that we don’t want to just sell glassware, we really want restaurants and bars to start offering standard drink serving sizes, so that when you are out you can decide, I’ll just have one standard drink. We wanted to start a movement! 


The Standard Drink Company™ range is a carefully crafted through detailed and extensive design, production and testing process to become the beautiful, high-end glassware that is now available to buy. 

Co Founder, Marketing and Product Development

Merlot, Espresso Martini, Vodka Soda Lime

Jessica Yeung

Co-Founder, Operations and Wholesale

IPAs, Glenfiddich, Pinot

David Lauckner

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