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Our promises

World first standard drink pouring system for the precise glass regardless of alcohol content. How do we know this? We did the research, engaged lawyers and even submitted a patent. However as our mission is to mainstream standard drink serving sizes, it would be counterproductive to limit who or how alcohol is poured. So we decided to forgo the international patent and instead we encourage everyone to join the movement today.

We are also working with quality machine blown glasses manufactured to a high specification as well as machine application of our logo to achieve precision pouring.

We are pursuing our mission in style. No compromises has been made on quality. Our custom drinkware range is made from the highest of quality crystal and crystal-like Tritan plastic, both offering brilliant clarity and with the latest contemporary glass designs. Importantly all our glasses have a thin tapered rim for optimum drinking experience. All glasses are dishwasher safe without compromising its clarity. Lead oxide free crystal will maintain its transparency well compared to leaded crystal.

The Standard Drink Company brings a touch of class to any drinking occasion.

Large scale efficiently optimised manufacturing facilities are inherently more sustainable and energy efficient than smaller scale operations. You might wonder why we went against the current trend of small production hand blown glasses. Well, the consistency in shape and capacity is low we discovered after extensive testing. This posed a key obstacle for integrating our precision pouring system.

Also, we chose to only work with facilities which are ISO9001 and IS14001 certified, which means they are continually improving their quality management system and environmental management systems. The manufacturing operations take place in Europe and Asia.

We offer a no breakage guarantee. If upon receiving the product there is a crack or breakage in the drinkware, as a result of damage during delivery, please ensure you email us with a photo of the damage within 7 days of receiving the product, and we will post a replacement to you. Our products are safely packaged to virtually eliminate this from occurring, but we provide this guarantee for your peace of mind. Please note, if you exceed the 7 day period, the guarantee has expired as we cannot ascertain whether the breakage or damage occurred as a result of the delivery. 

Our unique standard drink pour system was conceived right here in Melbourne, Australia over a glass of wine would you believe. We refined the design over an extensive product development phase. 


We are enthusiastic about mindful drinking. We are equally passionate when it comes to  supporting mental health. Every glass you purchase is giving back to our community.

Read more about Lifeline and Beyond Blue

Product Questions

A standard drink is a unit of measurement of alcohol. Health guidelines often use the standard drink measurement as a basis.

"..drinking no more than two standard drinks on any day reduces the lifetime risk of harm from alcohol-related disease or injury..." NATIONAL HEALTH AND MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL

" takes 2 hours for an average woman to get rid of the alcohol from 1 standard alcoholic drink...‘Pumping and dumping’...will not reduce the amount of alcohol in your breastmilk." AUSTRALIAN BREASTFEEDING ASSOCIATION

The amount of alcohol in a standard drink varies from country to country. Studies show the majority of people guess wrong when it comes to pouring a standard drink. In fact we consistently over estimate what is a standard drink.

The definition of a legal standard drink varies between countries. For example Australia and New Zealand uses a definition of 10g of alcohol as a standard drink. In US and Canada, the definition is 14g of alcohol as a standard drink.

Please review the individual product details on this website for a list of countries the glasses are applicable. If you are interested in standard drink glasses for other countries not currently available on the website, let us know and we will be able to tell you if it's possible.

The concentration of alcohol specified on the label of a bottle is not exact. Often it will change from the time of bottling to when you consume it, as continuous fermenting processes can increase the alcohol concentration. The alcohol concentration will also vary with the temperature of the drink. We have selected glasses which have a strict manufacturing tolerance. After factoring in all possible variables, we estimate our glasses would indicate one standard drink volume +/- 10% or +/-2mm liquid level, whichever is larger.

We have absolutely no idea, so we decided to bring this to the market ourselves. 

It was challenging developing a measurement system which is both non-intrusive yet functional. We carefully selected glass shapes to be compatible with the pour system and working with manufacturers who machine blow glasses within a consistent tolerance to minimise error in measurement.

This article by Good Food  describes the difficultly in knowing how much alcohol you have been served in a restaurant or bar. They surveyed 10 different venues and serving sizes varied by 45mL for a glass of wine. For a 14% wine like pinot noir, that's almost half a standard drink more or less you would be consuming!

So join the movement to mainstream standard drink serving sizes as an option in restaurants and bars. Read more about it here and what you can do. 

It isn't straight forward to manage different serving sizes based on the alcohol strength. That's why we created the world first, standard drink pour system. 

The Standard Drink Company is looking to partner with some great people to get our product out into the market.

Why Become a Retail Stockist?

This glassware is the first of its kind on the market.  We are filling a need in the market and you can help empower your customers to drink mindfully and still have fun. Enquire here.

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