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We asked 5 wine experts their top tip for taking care of their glasses

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We asked 5 wine experts their top tip for taking care of their glasses

Are you sick of mismatched wine glasses or stained glasses, too embarrassing to serve to your guests? So we asked 5 Aussie wine experts for their top tips in keeping their glasses in tip top condition. 

At The Standard Drink Co. did you know we hand wash and polish all the crystal wine glasses that arrive at your door? We wanted the extra step to quality control to weed out any imperfections and ensure your glasses shine. We have quite the stash of "not quite right" glasses with barely noticeable imperfection. We might do a fire sale on those one day!

So let's hear from the experts on how they take care of their glasses.

Mike Pollard, Wine Director at Naked Wines Australia

"My best tip is very RARELY use soap. My wine glasses take a battering with all the tastings and I’ve never really had anything some hot water can’t clean. If you forget to wash up and leave your glasses overnight, you might need a drop of soap the next day but vinegar works well also. Just rinse thoroughly and dry with lint free cloth."

Mike is the resident wine expert at Naked Wines. Naked Wines support local independent wine makers so they get the backing they need to make their best wine and you get the best deals with up to 40% off market prices.

Good news. The Standard Drink Company has partnered with Naked Wines for the upcoming holiday season. Every purchase of our glasses in December will receive a $100 gift voucher from Naked Wines (terms: minimum wine spend to qualify). If you expect to go through 12 bottles of wine over the next couple of months, then this deal is for you!



Casey, blogger at Travelling Corkscrew

"Keep the boxes your glassware comes in when you purchase them as when it comes to moving time, those boxes are perfect for moving your glasses to a new house without breakages - and I’m talking from experience having moved 7 times in the last 8 years!"

Casey is currently based in Gippsland and her wine blog is one of the most popular in Oz and beyond. You have to check it out. She's WSET certified and shares from her experience of wine from around the world. 

Our beautiful crystal wine glass gift set comes in a padded box perfect for storage, so you can easily make use of Casey's tip.


Alex Anderson, Wine Manager at Good Pair Days  

We love the smell of wine. So one of the most important parts of being able to maximise your enjoyment of wine is to use properly taken care of stemware. Specifically, 100% odourless stemware. Despite being an obvious indicator of how the wine will show in the glass, it is often forgotten upon the quick moment of the first pour. So always make sure to smell the glass before you pour.

A few tips to help make sure your glasses are ready for the first pour and so the wine can shine:

1) Proper washing of glasses. Whether hand washing or dishwashing, be careful to make sure not to leave behind detergent perfume or dish cloth smells (yuck!).

2) It’s crucial to make sure all drying and polishing clothes are also very clean — not too wet and not over used. These can give a really horrible wet dog smell to the inside of the glass if not taken care of. If you have the glasses on a drying rack, make sure that below the drying rack there isn’t any old run off water from other dishes drying, or if you use a spongey stick weave, make sure it’s clean otherwise this can carry stinky smells to the glasses as well (especially when the glasses are set to dry upside down).

3) Store the glasses away from strong odours or foods that give off gases like bananas or bread. Always smell the glass before you set the table or pour!

Alex is a Canadian in Australia (same as Dave, co-founder of The Standard Drink Co.) sharing her exploits and travels through her instagram when she's not busy working in the world of wine at Good Pair Days.



James Scarcebrook, The Vincast, the longest running wine podcast in Australia

“We're terrible. We put them in the dishwasher. But when I invest in nice glasses I hand wash and polish, and they go into a designated wine glass cupboard. I use crystal and machine blown, not one piece, which is good enough. I prefer to use the same glass for all wines (apart from sparkling) to give them an even playing field as mostly I'm assessing wine.”

Listen to James' longest running podcast where he picks the brains and chats with many who work in the wine industry. 

We always put our glasses in the dishwasher too! Who has time otherwise?! Our smart pour glasses are also machine blown crystal, for the consistency we need for accurate standard drink measure. 



Lauren Oliver, CEO of Mums Who Wine

“Never leave glasses on the floor in the path of little feet, always rinse after red wine and don’t stack the dishwasher after having a few as this will surely lead to broken wine glasses (Learned that the hard way)”

If you're a mum and haven't heard about Mums Who Wine, you need to check out their membership community, with events and special deals designed to empower mums and promote self care. She recently launched a limited edition wine called "Empowered" with Cellar D'or a family owned wine wholesaler direct to consumers. We consider Lauren a wine expert for real life women. 

There's a lot of new mums breastfeeding using our smart pour glasses to make sure they keep to the recommended 1 standard drink. 

BONUS: Amber Duggan, Founder Just A Glass Australia

You could bypass glasses completely with Just A Glass wines, premium Australian made and owned vegan wine in consumable 200mL bottles. We love the concept here at The Standard Drink Co. as some times you just feel like a glass or two.


Heard of our smart pour drinkware? Read about our signature standard drink pour system here


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