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Why Drinking Less is More Enjoyable - Science Proves It

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Why Drinking Less is More Enjoyable - Science Proves It

Drinking alcohol is pleasant, we will not lie, but one more glass than you should, and pleasure becomes dizziness, and a good time ends up as a bad hangover. 

There’s a solution, drinking less. It might not sound like it but drinking the way we do is a recent phenomenon, drinking more often, but less was the norm not only for centuries but millennia.  

Here’s all you need to know about drinking habits through history, and the reasons you should start drinking less to enjoy alcohol even more. 


The Ancient Drinkers

Wine and beer have been part of humanity’s way of life since the beginning of time. The ancient Greeks enjoyed wine with every meal, and the precious liquid took central stage in every celebration and feast. The Greek, though, never drank wine straight; they knew something we’re rediscovering today: that drinking less led to more enjoyment and more self-control. 


Greeks mixed wine with water, diluting the potent Mediterranean wine making its effects more stable, keeping people hydrated, refreshed, and cheerful.  


The Romans blended wine with water too, which led them to conquer all the known world. Could we learn anything from this? 


Modern Times 


Diluting wine might not be an option in current times, but there are things we can do to drink less.  

In the 1700s, the average wine pour was 70ml; by the 1800s, people were pouring themselves 100ml. Wine glasses had different shapes and sizes back then and would look ridiculous besides our modern, shiny glasses. By the 1900s, our wine glasses held 160ml, and from there to the 21st century, the wine glass capacity increased to 450ml.  

Any doctor will tell you: if you want to lose weight, start by eating in smaller plates, and the same thing applies to wine.  


The National Health and Medical Research Council recommends no more than 4 standard drink on any occasion and 10 standard drinks per week. 


And for women there are strong links to breast cancer. 


Does this surprise you? 



Why Should You Drink Less Anyway? 


Some of the longest living people on earth enjoy wine every day, but there’s a catch, they practice restraint, and they drink local, artisanal wine. This anomaly does not only happen in secluded villages; you can see it on a national scale too. 


Perhaps you’ve heard about the French Paradox. French people drink wine and eat buttery food, yet, they’re overall healthier than people in other countries like Australia. The reason? Their food and wine portions are smaller. 


Wine in moderation is good for your health, particularly red wine that has lots of antioxidants in the form of resveratrol and pro-anthocyanins. These compounds keep your circulatory system strong and protect your body tissues from free radicals.  


Wine can help you retain the right kind of cholesterol in your bloodstream, too, lowering in return the bad LDL cholesterol, resulting in clear arteries and a healthier ticker. 


Drink if You Wish to, But in Moderation 


Please have a few glasses of wine and enjoy yourself but take it easy. Drinking less but drinking better is the only way to go.  


Never let wine control you, instead, be in full control and enjoy the health benefits of drinking less wine and live a longer, fuller life. 


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